March Real Estate Social Media Posts with Captions

Welcome to Real Estate Templates Co! Are you a real estate agent who is looking to increase your social media engagement and give your instagram a more branded look? Are you tired of trying to create social media graphics and marketing templates? You have a MILLION other things to do, right?

LET ME MAKE IT EASY FOR YOU! Our March Real Estate Instagram Template Bundle allows you to upload your own logo, easily add your own text, upload your housing photos and quickly download and post. Create gorgeous instagram posts and instagram stories in minutes for the WHOLE month of March!

This bundle is perfect to give you a modern and cohesive branding to not only increase engagement, but increase your following!

The best part? They are completely editable and customized by YOU! Upload your logo, change the colors, text and more to make them customized to your business with Canva, a completely free program that makes it easy to edit and download in any format! (PPPSSSTT... you can also download the Canva app to edit, download, and them upload straight to Instagram from your phone!

How it Works
- Once payment is confirmed, you can download your document with instructions (that include link to your templates) to edit and download.
- ALL templates are COMPLETELY customizable through the FREE program Canva. All you do, is create a free account and edit your Facebook post templates! (You can also download the Canva App to your phone to easily edit, download and upload from your phone!)
- Edit: colors, texts, icons, graphics and more! You can even upload your logo and add.
*Please note that some of the photos used in the graphics are stock photos you must pay for, please upload your own housing photos into the templates*

What you will receive?
- Directions
- 35 March Instagram posts designed specifically for Real Estate Agents
- 35 March Instagram stories designed specifically for Real Estate Agents
(same designs, different size)
- 35 Captions and Hashtags

Posts Included:
-What is discussed at a buyers consultation
-Tips for selling this spring
-Who you work with matters
-How much is your home worth
-Would you rather
-Can you put 0% down
-What is a first time buyers program
-Self employed
-Debt to income ratio
-Getting the best mortgage rate
-Staging do and don't
-Are you looking to buy this Spring
-St. Patrick's day events
-Pick your dream home
-Would you rather
-Tools every homeowner should have
-Are you tired of having a landlord?
-Seller Timeline
-What to look for in a new home
-My favorite local restaurants
-What are the worst parts of renting
-Are you ready to buy a starter home
-What are your goals
-Why you should list your home this Spring
-House red flags
-What determines your interest rate
-Why you should work with a buyer's agent
-Spring cleaning
-Professional photos
-FHA loan requirements
-Don't rely on luck
-What determines interest rates
-Home design
-Manifesting your dream home

- ALL posts are editable and FREE with Canva's free version program.

Who are these templates for?
- Real Estate Agents looking to brand themselves and increase social media engagement!