Real Estate Logos

Welcome to Real Estate Templates Co! Are you a realtor looking to to increase your branding and change up your logo? Or are you looking to start in real estate, but first need help with a logo design? Then these simplistic realtor logos are for you! Change the color, text size, font, and more to create a PERFECT logo for your business!

How it Works


- Once payment is confirmed, you can download your document with instructions (that include link to your templates) to edit and download.

- ALL templates are COMPLETELY customizable through the FREE program Canva. All you do, is create a free account and edit your Instagram Templates!

- Edit: colors, texts, icons, graphics and more! You can even upload your logo and add.

What Can I edit?


- Text: Size, color and font

- Graphics

- Colors

What you will receive?


- Instructions Guide

- Link to your 5 different logo templates to edit and save!