Real Estate Buyers Guide

Welcome to Real Estate Templates Co! Are you a real estate agent who is looking to increase engagement and give your business more branded look? Are you tired of creating flyer after flyer? You have a MILLION other things to do, right? LET ME MAKE IT EASY FOR YOU! This 17 page buyers guide allow you to upload your own logo, easily add your own text, upload your housing photos and quickly download and print, OR even email! Create gorgeous and personalized buyer packet in minutes! PSSTTT.... you can even create, download to your phone and text to your clients!

How it Works


- Once payment is confirmed, you can download your document with instructions (that include link to your templates) to edit and download.

- ALL templates are COMPLETELY customizable through the FREE program Canva. All you do, is create a free account and edit your listing flyer!

- First, click and open your templates in Canva * MAKE A COPY * In order to prevent you from making edits to the master template and having your work deleted, then please save a copy to your own Canva account before you begin customizing the template.

What you will receive?


- Instructions Guide on how to edit your documents

- Your 17 Page Buyers Guide

- Dropbox with social and contact icons for you to add to your guide

 Buyers Guide Pages


- Cover Page

- Table of Contents

- Bio

- Buyer Questionnaire

- Home Buying Process

- Touring Homes

- Common Buyer Mistakes

- Financing Tips

- Making an Offer

- Negotiating

- Inspection

- Appraisal

- Closing

- Real Estate Terms

- Customer Testimonials

- Lender Recommendations

- Resources